Final CARE meeting – policymakers, invitation only

The final working conference of CARE will take place at ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa on 6-7 October 2016. Participants are CARE researchers, European policy makers and invited external experts from the participating countries.

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Thursday 6 October 2016, at 00:00 - Friday 7 October 2016, at 00:00


Lisbon, Portugal

On the program: presentations from the work packages on curriculum and quality, professional development, effectiveness, access and inclusiveness, cultural differences in stakeholders’ views and costs-benefits of ECEC.

In addition, there will be symposia and workshops on cross-cutting themes, for example (preliminary topics): group-centered pedagogy as quality characteristic, stimulating soft skills development through guided play, children’s cognitive and emotional engagement as measure of quality and wellbeing, targeted interventions within integrated universal systems, dynamic professional development, appreciating diversity and increasing inclusiveness.

General aim of the conference is to develop recommendations for European policy and practice and to define quality indicators that reflect the European perspective on quality and wellbeing.