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Bente Jensen


E-mail: bj@dpu.dk

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Bente Jensen, PhD, is professor at the Department of Education of Aarhus University and leads research on the effects of initiatives to combat negative social heritage among at risk groups of children within daycare, including the current project ‘Knowledge-based Efforts for Socially Disadvantaged Children in Daycare’ (VIDA). Other research areas include the effects of early intervention strategies in daycare and the significance of professional competence development among staff in an organizational learning perspective. Active member of the research programme on ‘Organisations and Learning’ at Aarhus University and a member of the management group of the Centre for Applied Research into Effective Programs for Children and Youth, which has just received funding from Trygfonden. This centre has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and will strive to become a global centre of excellence in the design and rigorous testing of the effectiveness of social programmes targeted at children and youth. 


Ulrik Brandi

Associate professor

E-mail: ulbr@dpu.dk

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Ulrik Brandi is associate professor in Organizational Learning at Aarhus University’s Department of Education. Ulrik holds an MA in Educational Studies and Philosophy and a PhD in Organizational Learning from Aarhus University. Ulrik Brandi’s research interests include workplace and organizational learning and change, knowledge sharing, and innovation. He examines how organizations and their members learn new practices and share knowledge, and he studies the factors that facilitate or impede these learning processes. Brandi is currently part of the research program ‘Lifelong Learning’ at Aarhus University’s Department of Education. 

Astrid Würtz Rasmussen


E-mail: awu@asb.dk

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Astrid Würtz Rasmussen is a researcher at the Department of Economics and Business of Aarhus University. Astrid Würtz Rasmussen uses register data and surveys to perform quantitative economic analysis within the fields of family economics and education. She focuses particularly on inputs from families, daycare institutions and schools and analyses the correlations with children’s educational qualification levels, health and behaviour later in life. Her work applies statistical and econometric models and will therefore primarily participate in the current project with regard to quantitative outcome analysis. 

Peter Jensen


E-mail: pje@asb.dk

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Peter Jensen, is a professor in economics at Aarhus University. Internationally published research in the field of labour market and educational economics. Peter Jensen has extensive administrative and project management experience. He will primarily participate in the current project with regard to quantitative outcome analysis.