Warsaw University

Malgorzata Karwowska-Struczyk


Phone number: 48 602463610

E-mail: mksuwp@poczta.onet.pl

Malgorzata Karwowska-Struczyk, PhD, professor at the Warsaw University (Poland), has been involved in ECEC for 30 years, firstly as a psychologist working with young abandoned children, then as a researcher in the field of child development and education, finally a  teacher educator  and the Head of the Department of ECEC at Warsaw University (Faculty of Education). She has written over 100 articles, contributions to books and also her original own books. In the final: Preschool education- in search of other approaches to ECEC (Edukacja przedszkolna-w poszukiwaniu innych rozwiązan, 2011) she brings knowledge on Reggio Emilia approach (project method), High/Scope program and single sex education. Malgorzata has co-operated with the Van Leer Foundation,  World Association for Case Method Research and Application (WACRA), World Forum Foundation as a National Leader. For many years she has been the Polish co-ordinator for the international High/Scope /IEA  comparative  Quality of Life study.

Olga Wyslowska

Junior researcher

Phone number: 48 604429466

E-mail: olga_wyslowska@yahoo.com

Olga Wyslowska completed studies in 2008 in the field of Education, majoring in General Education, specialization in both Social and Cultural Animation and Early Education and Teaching English to Young Children at the Faculty of Education at Warsaw University. Since graduation she has been working as a teacher and trainer in the field of teaching in private and public nurseries and primary schools. She has been cooperating with the Faculty of Education as the training coordinator of future teachers and the leader of workshops on the topic “International Educational Programmes”. Her major interests are focused around the issues connected with the single sex education and creating various types of teaching materials. Since January 2014 she is employed as a junior researcher in CARE project.

Kamila Wichrowska

PhD Student

Faculty of Education, University of Warsaw

Personal page

PhD student at the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw (Poland). She has finished a degree in Early Education and Teaching English to Young Learners. She worked as assistant in Polish part of the ELLiE Project – a transnational, longitudinal study of the introduction of foreign language learning in primary school classrooms. Currently she is working on a PhD on motivation of students to learn English in the last years of primary school. She is a teacher of a few courses (in English and Polish language) at the Faculty of Education. She is also a co-author of an English handbook for five and six year olds: “Angielski dla starszaków” of publishing house WSiP. Her long-term research interests are focused on an early education – crèches, preschools and primary school and teaching English to Young Learners.