Curriculum, Pedagogy, and classroom quality: promoting effectiveness of ECEC

Overview of European ECEC curricula and curriculum template

D 2.1 - June 2015

by Kathy Sylva, Katharina Ereky-Stevens and Ana-Maria Aricescu.

The relations between structural quality and process quality in European early childhood education and care provisions: Secondary analyses of large scale studies in five countries

D 2.2 - June 2016

By Pauline Slot, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen and Paul Leseman.

Multiple case study in seven European countries regarding culture-sensitive classroom quality assessment

D 2.3 - June 2016

by Pauline Slot, Joana Cadima, Jenni Salminen, Giulia Pastori, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen.

Integrative Report on a culture-sensitive quality and curriculum framework

D 2.4 - October 2016

by Kathy Sylva, Giulia Pastori, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Katharina Ereky-Stevens and Pauline Slot.

Professional Development: impact and Innovation

Comparative review of professional development approaches

D 3.1 - June 2015

by Bente Jensen, Rosa Lisa Iannone, Susanna Mantovani,Chiara Bove, Malgorzata Karwowska Struczyk and Olga Wyslowska.

Professional Development and its Impact on Children in Early Childhood Education and Care: A Meta-Analysis based on European Studies

D 3.2 - March 2016

by Peter Jensen and Astrid Würtz Rasmussen

Good practice case studies of professional development in three countries

D 3.3 - September 2016

by Chiara Bove, Susanna Mantovani, Bente Jensen, Malgorzata Karwowska-Struczyk and Olga Wysłowska.

Recommendations for common policy across the EU regarding professional development as an element of quality in ECEC and child wellbeing for all

D 3.4- September 2016

By Bente Jensen, Rosa Lisa Iannone, Susanna Mantovani , Chiara Bove and .Silvia Cescato

Integrative report contribution

WP 3 - October 2016

Impact of ECEC in short, medium & long-term

A review of research on the effects of early childhood education and care (ECEC) on children development

D 4.1 - June 2015

by Edward Melhuish, Katharina Ereky-Stevens, Konstantinos Petrogiannis, Anamaria Ariescu, Efthymia Penderi, Konstantina Rentzou, Alice Tawell, Martine Broekhuizen, Pauline Slot and Paul Leseman.

Version accorded by the European Commission:

Video: Edward Melhuish on the CARE review on the effects of ECEC on child development

Effects of ECEC on academic outcomes in literacy and mathematics: Meta-analysis of European longitudinal studies

D 4.2 - May 2016

by Hannah Ulferts and Yvonne Anders.

Video: Hannah Ulferts on the European meta-analysis of the effects of ECEC on academic outcomes

Overview of quality monitoring systems and results of moderator analysis

D 4.3 - 2016

by Elisabeth Resa, Katharina Ereky-Stevens, Nadine Wieduwilt, Efthymia Penderi, Yvonne Anders, Konstantinos Petrogiannis and Edward Melhuish.

Socioeconomic aspects of ECEC

The Socio-Economic Dimension of Early Childhood Education and Care in Europe

D 5.1 - 2015

by Yusuf Emre Akgündüz, Özgün Ünver, Janneke Plantenga, Ides Nicaise.

Inclusiveness of Early Childhood Education and Care: Seven Case Studies across Europe

D 5.2.1 - 2016

By Özgün Ünver and Ides Nicaise

Interested readers can contact the authors for a private copy of the full report

Accessibility and use of early childhood education and care: a comparative analysis of 34 European countries

D 5.2.2 - 2016

By Özgün Ünver, Tuba Bircan and Ides Nicaise

Interested readers can contact the authors for a private copy of the full report

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Universal Preschool Education

D 5.4 - August 2016: Report on costs-benefits estimations of ECEC

By Thomas van Huizen, Lisa Dumhs & Janneke Plantenga.

European Indicators of Quality and Wellbeing in ECEC

Initial framework for evaluating and monitoring ECEC quality and wellbeing

D 6.1 - September 2015

by Moser, T., Melhuish, E., Petrogiannis, K., Pastori, G., Slot, P., & Leseman, P.

Video: Thomas Moser: What is quality? what does well being mean to you?

Stakeholders study: Values, beliefs and concerns of parents, staff and policy representatives regarding ECEC services in nine European countries: First report on parents

D 6.2 - June 2015

by Martine Broekhuizen, Paul Leseman, Thomas Moser, Karin van Trijp.

European Framework of Quality and Wellbeing Indicators

D 6.3 - February 2017

by Thomas Moser, Paul Leseman, Edward Melhuish,  Martine Broekhuizen and  Pauline Slot

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