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Final CARE conference in Lisbon October 2016

The final CARE conference took place on October 6th and 7th 2016 in Lisbon, and gathered more than 50 people, including researchers, European policymakers, and invited experts to discuss the project’s findings on early childhood education and care.

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Bente Jensen on professional development

CARE researcher Bente Jensen, at the Aarhus University (Denmark), addresses several important topics on professional development. Bente Jensen explains how more professional development is related to higher process quality and can compensate structural features, and identify innovative approaches to professional development. She also gives recommendations for policy, research and practice regarding professional development across the EU.

Hannah Ulferts on the European meta-analysis of the effects of ECEC on academic outcomes

Joana Cadima and Giulia Pastori: Multiple Case Study

CARE partners met in Oxford in April 2016 to share the results of the multiple case study, conducted in seven European countries to examine common and culturally differing aspects of curriculum, pedagogy, and quality of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) provisions in Europe. In this video, Joana Cadima (University of Porto) and Giulia Pastori (University of Milano-Bicocca) tell us about the main results of the study.

Thomas Moser: What is quality? What does well being mean to you?

Edward Melhuish: the CARE review on the effects of ECEC on child development

Quality and good classroom practices in European ECEC

CARE partners met in Lisbon April 2015 to discuss issues of quality and good classroom practices in European ECEC. Pauline Slot and Jenni Salminen tell us all about it.

Developing video case studies of high-quality care in Europe

Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen on the exciting work of developing video case studies of high-quality care in Europe

Benefits and challenges of contrasting different curricular approaches

Kathy Sylva discusses the benefits and challenges of contrasting the different curricular approaches across Europe, and describes the work developed during the CARE March 2014 expert meeting in Oxford.

Review and Analysis of European ECEC research

CARE coordinator Paul Leseman discusses the challenges and benefits of a cultural-sensitive approach to the Review and Analysis of European ECEC research.

The Polish team's participation in the CARE study of Curriculum Quality Analysis and Impact review of ECEC across Europe

Informacja o udziale polskiego zespołu w projekcie CARE: Curriculum Analysis and Impact Review of Early Chikdhood Education and Care w Europie - Analiza programów i przegląd systemów wczesnej edukacji i opieki nad dzieckiem w Europie.