EARLI SIG 5 Conference 2014

Papers on ECEC quality and child outcomes presented at the EARLI SIG 5 conference

SYMPOSIUM: Self-regulation and executive functions in early childhood: conceptualization, assessment and findings

  1. Structure of executive functions (EF) and risk profiles for EF-quality in preschool children
    Loren Vandenbroucke, Karine Verschueren, Dieter Baeyens, KU Leuven, Belgium

  2. Self-regulation in young children in Portugal: testing a two-component model
    Joana Cadima, Teresa Leal, Tiago Ferreira, Joana M. Vieira & Paula M. Matos, University of Porto, Portugal

  3. The dynamics of self-control during delay of gratification in toddlers
    Heleen van Ravenswaaij, Hanna Mulder, Josje Verhagen, Paul Leseman, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

  4. Relating observed self-regulation in play to test-based measures of cool and hot executive functions 
    Pauline Slot, Hanna Mulder & Paul Leseman, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


SYMPOSIUM: Measuring classroom quality with the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) in four different European countries

  1. The Classroom Assessment Scoring System for infant classrooms in Portugal
    Joana Cadima, Carla Peixoto, Vera Coelho, Sílvia Barros, Portugal

  2. Psychometric properties of the CLASS Toddler in Dutch early childhood education and care
    Pauline Slot, Jan Boom, Josje Verhagen, Paul Leseman, The Netherlands

  3. Observing Teacher-Child Interactions Using the CLASS Pre-K in German Preschool Classroom
    Antje von Suchodoletza, Anika Fäschea, Catherine Gunzenhausera, Bridget K. Hamre, Germany

  4. The Validity and Reliability of the CLASS Pre-K in Finland
    Eija Pakarinen, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Anna-Maija Poikkeus, Finland


SYMPOSIUM: Classroom quality and social-emotional competence in early childhood

  1. Effects of Dutch ECEC quality on children's self-regulation develoment between age two and three years
    Pauline Slot, Hanna Mulder & Paul Leseman

  2. The social competence in relation to observed classroom quality in Finnish preshcool classrooms
    Jenni Salminena & Eija Pakarinen

  3. Observed classroom quality and emotional regulation among preschoolers in Portugal
    Joana Cadima, Carolina Guedes, Karine Verschueren & Teresa Leal

  4. Effects of early child care quality on child socio-emotional outcomes: Does quantity of care matter?
    Martine Broekhuizen, Marcel van Aken, Judith Dubas & Paul Leseman


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